Good Pixels exhibition and charity auction

Hey guys! As my life is going even more crazy with my artist’s path I want to share with you some news. April 27th this year at Prageleria in Warsaw my “Captain Spectacular” illustration was shown at Good Pixels gallery show. As it was my first gallery show ever I was soooo excited to go there and see my work sourrounded by great masterpieces. The whole event was hosted by Polska Grafika Cyfrowa (Polish Digital Art) which gathers the best digital artists from Poland. Amazing feeling to be there together with people that are my idols for many years now.

Also, it was good occasion to meet some friends and new people. When you stay at your artist’s cave for days and nights there aren’t many possibilites to see other artists in real life. 😉 Such events give opportunity to go out and have fun with people that do the same thing for a living. For me it’s priceless.

Last but not least, the money gathered in the auction May 18th will be donated to “Przylądek” Non-public Primary School for children with autism spectrum disorders. The school will use the funds to acquire the equipment necessary to continue its fervent functioning.

The online auction is already active here (en):
Bidding begins at 100 zł (but is also available in USD, euro and GPB)
How to bid:


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