How to stay motivated?

Recently I was asked by my friend how do I stay motivated for my work all the time. I’m doing commissions, creating private stuff and participating in other projects all the time. I don’t feel burned out, I’m not complaining and still do every piece with passion. This question inspired me to share with you guys how it works for me and, what I personally believe, is the key to stay motivated.

1 Keep your sketchbook

Doodling and making rough sketches is one of this things that you can do everywhere. It really helps to ‘note’ ideas that drives mind and clear it quickly. It’s really that simple, the piece of paper and a pencil is enough.

2 Find the hobby

As art is always the biggest love for any illustrator or concept artist it’s good to have other loves. Seriously, there’s nothing better for your mind than changing a little the subject. Different hobbies can also help you to lvl up your skills. For example, I deeply believe that books are one of the best methods to improve imagination. I’m one of this bookaholics that keep a crazy amount of books and still buy new ones.

3 Travel

This one is not so obvious, but sitting in the front of your computer or easel and drawing all the time won’t give you as much as observation the world outside. You have to know first how the things look like, how they work and behave and then you can go to your room and draw it. Pictures in the internet won’t give you that. Nowadays, buying a cheap airline tickets it’s quite simple so you can travel the world and take that priceless experience of seeing things!

The great example of that is Noah Bradley. I’m sure that you have seen his awesome works somewhere. He’s one of the best environment and landscape artist for me and you know what? He travels a lot and when you look at his pieces, you can see this experience and knowledge that came from trips.

Want to see his works? Go there:

4 Keep calm and get things done

Finishing the piece is the best feeling ever! If you are a beginner your work won’t be as good as you imagined but you have to start somehow. Creating small pieces will guide you to bigger ones. There are no shortcuts, magical tricks or super secret brushes that will do stuff instead of you. You are the only responsible so just do it!

5 Inspire

Look for new inspirations! Books, films, games, photos, surroundings, architecture etc. are just waiting for you. Try to find something new or try to look at the old stuff in the new way. Maybe drawing in the totally different style will be a nice idea? I’m sure that you had that moment when you’ve seen something and all you wanted to do is to create new piece.

6 Go outside with friends

Having friends is very important for me. They always have time to talk and they just care for me. This is a good motivation when someone believes in you. So go outside with friends, do something together that has totally no connection with your art! It will clear your mind.

7 Love your work!

This is the most important thing that you have to remember. If you don’t love your work, you won’t ever be good in it and you won’t find any motivation. All the things that I wrote in previous 6 points are useless without this one. If you came to my blog I believe that you already know that. All you have to do now is to refer yourself to previous advices and decide if they are good for you.


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