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Last weekend I spent on Zjazd Twórców Gier and Poznań Game Arena – one of the best gamedev convention in Poland which is quite important event for me. I used to participate in Zjazd Twórców Gier for five years now and it always give me a lot of energy and positive vibes. 🙂

It’s also a great opportunity to meet all these people from Star Socks Team I’m working with on Scamper and other games. We work together every day but we also live in the other parts of Poland and even Europe! It was so exciting to meet face to face some of them for the first time.

Poznań Game Arena has also shown that indie games in Poland are something that we can be proud of. I don’t know any other convention that support them so much! I spent a lot of time among indie zone and to tell you the truth – all of those games were so great that I just want to PLAY THEM ALL!

Zjazd Twórców Gier is an internal part of Poznań Game Arena for three years now and it’s a great chance to hear what other people from gamedev can tell you. I love to listen to real stories about real people and their problems in the game industry – not only the nicest parts of it which marketing use to show. Vlad Micu from Critical Force Entertainment had a lecture about building a studio and completing a game start-up and, as you can guess, it’s not so easy and funny as it could be.

Wolf Lang had a big story about being indie and not going bankrupt and only the miracle helped THREAKS.

I’ve also had a great time at lectures about gamification, crowdfunding, level design nad other subjects that matters in the game industry.

What more can I say? I will definitely go back to Poznań in the next year so see you soon guys! 🙂

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